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CV. Mulya Jaya
CV. Mulya Jaya
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Name:Mr. Yogo Moeharijanto [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:081 551 2222 0
Phone Number:62-31-8299339
Fax Number:62-31-8289079
Address:Perum Puri Taman asri Blok B No.3
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Feb. 12, 2008
Last Updated:Apr. 09, 2010
Business Nature:Service of Chemicals category

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Company Brief

CV. MULYA JAYA is distributor or subdistributor Sold agent in Indonesia who sell Laboratorium Equipment and Microbiology Media on Surabaya Jawa Timur Indonesia , with brand : BD DIFCO, copan italy, memmert, hirayama, atago, thermo scientific, thermolyne, funke garber, warring, hach usa, olympus, seedburo, all american, vwr, sibata, horiba, uetech, yellowline, wildco, takemura, As-One, pyrex, brand, biohit, axygen scientific, AZ Taiwan, boeco germany, gast vacuum pump, optika italy Microscope, motic Microscope, interscience, hettich, and balance Japan, Ohaus Balances and Scale USA, mettler toledo balance USA, presica balance taiwan, kern balances germany, eppendorf, testo, velp scientifica, KNF neuberger, nabertherm vaccuum Pumps Germany, advantec toyo kaisha Ltd. Japan, kett Science And Sensing USA, eppendorf jerman

Major Products / Services
    distributor atau subdistributor

    CV. MULYA JAYA adalah Penjual resmi produk Media Microbiologi merk BD DIFCO ex Amerika

    CV. MULYA JAYA adalah Penjual resmi produk memmert di Indonesia. Produk memmert: Oven, Incubator, Water Bath, Humidity Chamber, CO2 Incubator, Oil Bath, Water Bath, Environmental Chamber dll.

    CV. MULYA JAYA adalah penjual hach indonesia Specialist Water Analysis di Indonesia hach untuk keperluan analisa air minum, air limbah dan lingkungan antara lain: pH Meter, DO, COD, BOD, Organic, TSS, Non-Organic dll.

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